Monday, October 6, 2014

The Lost Virgin

A face hot with an orgasm, I barely sit still as I write. I am naked. In the light of whatever is unholy dim in this grey night, I look bronze like sunshine. My hair spills over my breasts for nobody to witness but me. No lips caress the hollow of my collar-bone and no arms encircle my waist. 

This is freedom. 

I have loved myself like no other can, touched myself in places others have not dared to explore. A heart to give, I no longer have; but the body organic brims with forbidden desires of other virgins. Desires that saturate beneath my skin until gooseflesh blazes across like countless stars. Hair rises, their silken shadows fall. A quivering lip, a throat run dry- parched for more, more, oh more. Litmus fingers run red at the touch of acid core, all vitriol released. 

Tonight the world will hear the bitches moan free, run the streets unbound, unclothed, hunting. The night is ours and none shall see. Demure veils blind the cultured upbringing of better girls, chaste with fear and silence. 

But I, I shall embark upon a journey towards my chosen land, 
Run with highwaymen in unilluminated paths where footfall does not return-
To find the burning hell of taboos and unleash it into my mother's kitchen. 


  1. Demure taboos devoured,
    By the vitriol and the heat
    And when the fires have become embers, the raging orgasmic blaze,
    Will have cast in bronze, a stretching flying image
    Of the soul as it leaps to reason with the mind,
    And the heart frantically keeps pace, not to get left behind

    1. It sounds to me like a prayer
      For the human condition
      To absolve itself
      From the restraints it places upon itself.

    2. Hardly so,for that is not the thought
      There is no denying however
      that the possibility is fraught
      Of the interpretation that you aver

  2. Rereading is never my thing. But this one had to be an exception. Absolutely love it!

    1. I'm glad. And I hope it stays with you.

  3. "To find the burning hell of taboos and unleash it into my mother's kitchen. " Hahahaha :D

    A good end to a well written piece ;) :)

    1. Thank you!
      So, do you think "mother's kitchen" is a little out of place?

    2. Nah! It's like lemon. It's sour otherwise but when you put it in the subzi at the end , it greatly enhances it ;)

  4. As chaste as chaste can be. Yet, a consummation to the final ecstasy! Wonderfully written !