Friday, October 10, 2014

star works

lying down in bed
sweat beaded and tired
sleep elusive however
thirty eight
and a heart broken faster than it can mend
he had had enough

ten years ago family was panicking
it is about time they said get him married
now they have given up
but once a year like an undead thing
someone says
there is a divorcee
there is a widow
nice girl

no longer irked by constant pestering
get married
but turmoiled by uncomfortable silence
you are not married
but he did not mind
they did not understand
only thatha had but now he was gone
he knew
a man is not his marriage

but thatha
straight faced except when recounting childhood
had married for what
had loved how
he still did not know

heart is one thing he never understood
preferred understanding brain
but when reflected
realized love came from feet of thatha
two too big big feet
that marched him to a sink in the morning
brush your teeth young man
about time
sun is out and perpendicular to scalp

he was six
and on days he refused to wake up
thatha put his small feet
on his two too big big feet
and marched him to the sink

but loving little boy
simpler than loving woman
any day
my god it is true he thought

left side of bed there was movement just then
tossing in sleep turned away
so young that body
and far too bouncy hair
now spilling all over pillow

first time in four years they met
old rules still applied
no boygirlfriend business he said
no boygirlfriend business she echoed
and not one thing had changed
except she now had more than one gray hair
mid twenties still but unwilling to hair colour
had finally stopped naming individual gray hair snow

autopilot arm of his reached out
to her never receding waist
biggest indifference to calorie consumption he has seen
performed by this girl

her hair usually smelled like
various goodie bag things
but finally now
it smelled of him
and his cigarette

her feet brushed against his shins
she lowered toes to toe lock with his
settled her heels on his two too big big feet
grabbed his arm
and pulled it towards her
two too big big
and said
mmm you be so nice to hold

he chuckled
he joked
he hoped
he denied
and he finally said
ಜಾತಕ ಬೇಕಾ?
you want horoscope?

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